Sunday, June 29, 2008

More Hardware Shopping

I went to my favorite two heartless corporate vampire outlets, Home Depot and Harbor Freight. I felt the need to move the jack stands under the front frame rails since I needed to fix the passenger side rail but my jack stands aren't tall enough to reach the front portion of the rail and keep the car at it's current height so a trip to Home Depot scored me a set of pavers just the right size for jack stand bases. It would be disastrous if one of the stands fell of the paver so I shook the car pretty hard and it doesn't budge. Regardless, I'm not going out of my way to stress the front. I wouldn't do this with a car containing an engine as the weight would likely crack the pavers. As this car stands, I can lift the front off the jackstands so I'm not too worried about the weight.

I have new sheet metal on order so I felt the impending need to paint coming on soon so I stopped by Harbor Freight to pick up an evaporator/oiler unit they had on sale for 20 bucks. Also, I'm really bad at keeping my air tools oiled. Now all I can do to neglect them is to not keep this unit filled with oil.

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