Thursday, June 12, 2008

Seat Pedestal Removal

I got some new 14T "demolition" blades for the the Sawzall at Home Depot the other night so I put them to the test tonight by cutting out the "C" channel portion of the inner rocker to the rear seat transition area (where the floor humps up for the rear seat). This gives me better access to the remaining spot welds that I need to remove to get the remainder of the inner rocker out.

In the image below you can see the remainder of the plate that I mentioned in my last post that served as a patch during some kind of floor job back in the 80s. Behind that plate is the original inner rocker panel plate that SHOULD have been replaced decades ago.

After I hacked out the portion of the passenger side inner rocker, I set out remove the seat pedestal to get it out of my way so I could access the inner rocker spot welds. This was a bit of a hassle because the last person to work on the floor bead welded the tunnel portion of the seat pedestal to the floor tunnel. So, I had to cut out several spot welds on the floor, 4 spot welds on the top of the tunnel, and a mess of bead welds along the sides of the tunnel to accomplish this task.

Note the rust that accumulates between the seat pedestal and the floor. This area was never painted or protected by Ford so once your classic Mustang's seat bolt access plugs disappear, you're trapping moisture between the pedestal and the floor which means you'll have this job to do in your future. That's the now-removed seat pedestal laying in the right side of the picture.

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