Friday, June 27, 2008

More Right Inner Rocker Removed

I pulled out the rest of the right hand inner rocker to the rear of the car. I cut the side brace off that ties the trunk to the inner wheel house to the floor and inner rocker for better access. I'll weld that back in when I'm done.

When you look down into the "hole" that I made by removing the inner rocker, you're supposed to see the ground so I was confused as to what this mess is below where the inner rocker was supposed to be. I was fearful that I would have to patch this metal whatever it is but later determined that the last guy welded in a patch to replace the bottom of the missing inner rocker so I'm free to cut this away in favor of a good inner rocker panel. That scary-looking line of rust is actually the remainder of the original "sandwich" of inner rocker, outer rocker, and rocker reinforcement plates.... soon to be gone and replaced with an actual rocker.

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