Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Testing the Sand Blasting Cabinet

Earlier in the week I had purchased a 50 lb bag of "Green Diamond Fine Abrasive" media for the new blasting cabinet as the glass bead I have didn't do a very thorough job of removing rust but rather just polished up the rust a bit. I rigged my shop vac up to the vacuum port I discovered on the back of the box and gave the blasting another shot on the brace and rear torque box cover parts I had previously removed. You can see from the image below that it did a much better job than my first test and in a fraction of the time, however, I still didn't get complete removal since splotches are still evident. This is good enough to be treated with Ospho and ZeroRust but I'd like it better. Two things on the cabinet need improved; 1) It needs steeper sides to allow the media to drop down and be pickup up by the blaster hose and 2) It needs the dust collection to be better balanced as my shop vac overpowered the cabinet's filter's ability to replenish the air such that the gloves got very stiff from there being such a high vacuum within the cabinet.

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