Saturday, September 13, 2008

Patching Left Front Floor Support Part 2

I got a lot done today. If you read the last blog entry, you'll see that I left off with fitting the rear frame patch along with the front floor support rail. Today I started off by tacking the frame rail patch in place and marking the location on the floor support where it contacts the frame rail with a grease pencil. Then I was free to cut away the old, rusty lower drivers seat reinforcement.

Next I removed the floor support rail and was free to weld the new patch onto the cut-away section of the lower rear edge of the frame rail on both sides.

With the lower seat reinforcement out of the way, I could now remove what was left of the inner rocker all the way to the rear of the car.

The rear of the car... well, that's another issue altogether. As you might recall from my previous blog entries on the passenger side of the car, this area is reinforced with a couple of well-welded in braces, a rear torque box, the inner rocker, and it all merges with the rear wheel well. Quite a bit of stuff to untangle and here it is in it's virgin state.

First I needed to see what I was working with so I had to remove all of the debris and ancient seam sealer.

The first metal to be removed is the floor area around the rear torque box followed by the rear torque box cover. The new Blair spot weld cutter made this part of the job go very fast compared to the other side. This is what was inside the rear torque box. A pile of rusted steel and various other debris. I should make a reality show on SciFi because Ghost Hunters has nothing on me. THIS is what scary really looks like.

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