Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Leg To Stand On

Remember the post from the 4th when the front of the car dropped after I had cut the frame? Well it seems that Kevin's Rod Shop was right after all. I thought I didn't need the "leg" welded to the door braces but it turns out that it's a stroke of genius after all as it acts as an adjustable support for when you seperate the inner rocker from the front and rear torque boxes. Once you cut the front frame extension, there's not alot keeping the front of the car from dropping down unless you support it so I made some legs with adjustable feet (made from a carriage bolt screwed into two nuts welded to the leg member).

After the leg was doing it's job I hacked the rusted out of the front frame member in preparation for a frame patch that I had just received from NPD today. It's really a strangely shaped part and I'm not sure that I'm using it correctly but here goes.

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