Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Welding In The Right Inner Fender Apron

I finally got my new import repro right hand inner fender apron panel (the one that supports the battery tray) from NPD so now it's time to fit it, drill the plug weld holes and prepare it for installation. Update: NPD read on the VMF that I was unhappy with the Canadian repro apron and credited me for the replacement of this apron and let me keep the old apron to use to make patches. Now that's customer service!

This is how the old inner fender apron looked:

And the hole it left behind before installing the new apron:

This is the new apron test-fitted with clamps. Holes drilled for the plug welds.

The plug welds are done but unground.

Fresh plug welds from the front.

Ground down the plug welds on the inside...And on the core support through which the apron edge flange is welded.

There are a few pinholes left from gaps in the plug welds that I need to fill and grind. Then a coat of primer and this part of the job is done.


  1. what are you using to punch your holes for the spot welds?

  2. I used a "step" drill bit to 3/8".