Wednesday, May 14, 2008

An Essential Tool

So I rationalized it this way; I saved thousands of dollars by doing this project myself instead of paying someone else. My old welder just wasn't going to be tolerant of the thinner sheet metal segments that would need replaced and patched. My old welder, a Schumacher Turbo MIG 105, has only 4 heat setting that are set via a chunk-chunk type of switch. From my past 10 years of experience with this pain in my posterior, I've decided that it would make the task at hand a living hell so, I was authorized by the SWMBO to budget in a replacement. Last week I picked up my new Miller Millermatic 140 AutoSet welder. It wasn't cheap but it will last for a lifetime, and welds smoooooth.

Oddly, the welder came with .024 wire and .023 tips? I went out and purchased .023 wire from Harbor Freight. Now, I'm not sure if I trust HF welding wire but I tested it quite a bit and it seems up to the task at about 7 bucks a roll. I already had a gas bottle and regulator. However, my bottle contained 100% argon and the Miller also came with a new regulator so I took the bottle in for an exchange of 75%/25% Argon/Co2, hooked up the new regulator and started practicing. Man... this new welder works soooo much better, I can't even describe it. The AutoSet function really does seem to work. Now I need to find a sucker willing buyer to take the Schumacher off my hands (hey! comes with a regulator!)


  1. Great info on the Miller! I have been looking at replacing my old Century and this sounds like just the ticket! How has reliability been throughout your resto?

  2. The reliability has been perfect. No complaints.

  3. I was looking at millermatic 180. Was 140 enough?