Saturday, December 25, 2010

Santa Stopped By

Merry Christmas!  I didn't do any actual work on the Mustang this week but when I went into my garage this morning to see if Santa picked up his motor oil and spark plugs (I always leave Santa a little something before I go to bed on Christmas Eve) I found some things sitting under the tool tree.  Ol' Rusty must have been a really good car this year for you see, he left her a set of valances!  Note to self: Don't rush down to the garage with .45 in hand when you hear strange noises on Christmas Eve.

The front is an Original Ford Tooling and the rear is a Dynacorn repro.  Notice anything different between the old rear valance and the new one?  Hmm... what are those little cut-outs for?

New Valances!

There also laid a bag full of wires but not just any old wires, engine compartment wires!

There was discussion on the VMF about the repro rear valances.  Folks claiming that they were too short.  I did a comparison between the new and the old and if they're any different, it's fairly unnoticeable.

Overall comparison

Right edge closeup.  Might be 1/8" difference?

Left edge closeup.  Not a huge difference.
So I hope everybody had as good a Christmas as Ol' Rusty did.  Have a happy and safe New Year!


  1. EXCELLENT! Congrats on the new sheetmetal and wiring Alex! And since we're guessing, I 'spect those extra cutouts are for......antlers! Hope you and yours had a very Merry Christmas!

  2. I've heard a horror story about a "Chinese" rear valance, which is mainly the reason why I'm trying to clean mine up - but I think your new ones look great! May go this route myself with the front.